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Injection polymer valve

PN10 to PN420 - 150Lbs to 2500Lbs

DN25 to DN300 - 1" to 12"

  • Connection :
  • Any type of connection (screwed-on, welded or floating flange, threaded, SW, BW, double male or female connection, single male or female connection or other special connections under request)
  • Operation :
  • Multiturns pneumatic actuator
  • Stainless steel pneumatic actuator
  • Electric actuator
  • Manual override
  • Chain handwheel
  • Manual operator with locking mechanism
  • Extended manual operator with/without cardans
  • Manual operated lever actuator
  • Manual angular gearboxes actuator
  • Manual operator mounted on ISO base for later adaptation of actuator
  • Limit switches (mechanical, inductive or other)
  • Electro-distributor
  • Junction box
  • Specific configurations :
  • Compact pneumatic version
  • Piston shaped to fit the tank or the line (no dead areas)
  • Removable seats
  • Inside and/or outside polishing
  • Heating jacket
  • Leak detector atstuffing box
  • Nitrogen flushing unit in the junction box
  • Draining or cleaning nozzle
  • Temperature probe
  • Certifications :
  • ATEX certification
  • Fire-safe design


Notes :

Some options are not compatible

Special valve can be designed upon request


DN25 to DN300

Pressure class

PN10 to PN420 - 150Lbs to 2500Lbs


Welded, screwed-on or floating flange

Body shape

Outlet at 60º in STD (vertical axis), outlet at 75º, other...

Material in contact with the fluid

Steel, stainless steel, other...

Stem sealing system

Stuffing box with graphite packing, double stuffing box (O’rings + packing)

Disc seating surface

Metal / metal, PTFE, Stellite, other...


Manual, pneumatic (single or double-acting), electrical or hydraulic

Injection valve DN50 PN100 in stainless steel 316L with piston shaped to fit pipe or tank (no dead areas), heating jacket and manual handwheel actuator
Injection valve DN50 PN420 in stainless steel 316L with heating jacket and manual gear actuator
Injection valve DN25 PN20 in stainless steel 316L with piston shaped to fit pipe or tank (no dead areas) and manual chain handwheel actuator
Injection valve DN50 PN50 in stainless steel 316L, with DN300 outlet, heating jacket, manual handwheel actuator and electrical actuator
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