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Tank bottom piston valve
Type 4100

PN10 to PN250 - 150Lbs to 1500Lbs
DN25 to DN300 - 1" to 12"

  • Connection :
  • Any type of connection (screwed-on, welded or floating flange, threaded, SW, BW, double male or female connection, single male or female connection or other special connections under request)
  • Operation :
  • Multiturns pneumatic actuator
  • Stainless steel pneumatic actuator
  • Electric actuator
  • Manual override
  • Manual operator with locking mechanism
  • Extended manual operator with/without cardans
  • Manual operator mounted on ISO base for later adaptation of actuator
  • Limit switches (mechanical, inductive or other)Motorisation pneumatique multitours
  • Electro-distributor
  • Junction box
  • Specific configurations :
  • Heating jacket
  • Temperature probe
  • Leak detector at stuffing box
  • Nitrogen flushing unit in the junction box
  • Draining or cleaning nozzles
  • Certifications :
  • ATEX certification
  • Fire-safe design
  • FDA certificate for body seal and stuffing box packing


Notes :

Some options are not compatible

Special valve can be designed upon request


DN25 to DN300

Pressure class

PN10 to PN250 - 150Lbs to 1500Lbs


Welded, screwed-on or floating flange

Body shape

Outlet at 60º in STD (vertical axis), outlet at 75º, other...

Material in contact with the fluid

Steel, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex, inconel, incoloy®, hastelloy®, titanium, uranus®, nickel, tantalum, monel

Stem sealing system

Sealed O’rings stuffing box, with sealing bellows, with pure or filled PTFE rafters, stuffing box with graphite packing, double stuffing box (O’rings + packing)


Manual, pneumatic (single or double-acting), electrical, hydraulic

Tank bottom piston valve DN15 PN16 in 316L stainless steel, with pneumatic actuator + in line manual override
Tank bottom piston valve DN50 PN20 in Hastelloy, manual actuator
Tank bottom piston valve DN80 PN16 in stainless steel 316L, with pneumatic actuator + limit switches + electro distributor
Wafer piston injection valve DN100 PN16 in C276 Hastelloy, with pneumatic actuator and manual override
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